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February 12. 2013 12:30
I agree. We all know who the bullies are on our units. We call them the mean girls. Don't know why some people have to behave in this manner. What I can't stand is when they do this to new nurses. We should nuture them and teach them, not degrade them and make them feel horrible.
8/6/2015 3:07:50 PM

nursing homes
December 12. 2012 18:24
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8/6/2015 3:07:25 PM

October 10. 2012 18:18
we must teach people how to treat us with respect and dignity as nurses. I totally agree.
8/6/2015 3:07:07 PM

Joni Watson
October 6. 2012 08:15
Absolutely agree!
8/6/2015 3:06:47 PM