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March 6. 2010 06:02

Our nursing school has been requiring the students to purchase PDA's for several years now and now leave it up to the students to either bring a PDA, having software of their I-phone with capability to look up meds, or bring their books with them to the clinical setting. Most of them either bring a PDA or download software to their phone to look things up. I feel that the students should get used to looking up information on mobile computing devices because nurses have a limited amount of time to step away from the bedside to look up information.
6/23/2015 10:44:17 AM

Kadi Campbell
November 21. 2009 23:16
Great read! Juxtaposes the view point of those that debate on the non-use of technology in providing patient care-especially when its been abused or solely depended upon. Times are a changing-move with it, or get left behind.
6/23/2015 10:43:53 AM