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I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year. I stumbled upon it when got more focused on the problems that seniors have with mobility and injuries, and I was immediately hooked by your focus on nursing center. When dealing with senior's like my grandparents and their friends, it was no surprise to see the same challenges facing them every day. One of the biggest problems I notice with my grandparents is their mobility starting to slow down.

I currently am working with a team that has a project set to launch in the next month on Kickstarter called the step2rest ( ). The creator is a nurse who is focused on helping keep the senior population safe in their home, I thought I might share it with you.

Would you be interested in doing a interview/guest entry/review on him and the project for your blog? My hope is that it would add value to your audience, especially since it’s in line with helping people reduce their risk of falls and remain independent as long as possible.

If you'd prefer to review the final copy of the product, I would be happy to send you additional information or perform a demo with you privately. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to future entries about the problems seniors face in their home.

We also would be willing/open to making a blog entry that you could post as well. Look forward to hearing your feedback. You can contact my friend beneath

Vince Baiera R.N., BSN
10/10/2015 12:08:17 AM