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Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP
July 20. 2010 17:22
Wow - great story and outcome Marie! Thanks so much for sharing it with us here ~ keep up the amazing work!
10/13/2015 10:55:05 AM

Marie leaf RN
July 20. 2010 07:08
I have 40 yes experience as an RN and 10 as Case Manager. I used every item of critical thinking on a complex case bringing a TBI out of 3 yrs in a nursing home where he was stagnant and starving. Our HH unit had never dealt with a case this complex and accused me of premature removal from the facility, unsafe plan, unrealistic plan and working out of the scope of an RN. None of this was true and he went from chairbound to self transfers in 4 weeks with proper PT and is now washing his own dishes and nearly walking! The difference between the Don at HH and me was critical thinking. I knew he was highly motivated and just needed to got out of the NH .
10/13/2015 10:54:52 AM