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health-concerns-after-natural-disaster-image.pngHurricane season is upon us, but unfortunately, natural disasters are occurring almost every season. Safety is the primary focus when a natural disaster devastates any area, but what about the short-term and long-term health effects of natural disasters? Patients and the public trust nurses. This has been proven time and time again – so it’s important we are up-to-date on current health concerns and recommendations, including the impact of disasters on public health. The health effects of natural disasters can be wide-reaching, including food and water safety, insect and animal related illnesses, and mental health effects. Nurses also need to remember the importance of self-care; as nurses who may be personally affected by natural disaster, caregivers to others affected, or both, nurses need to be especially cognizant of their own needs after exposure to these traumatic events. Here are resources to help nurses provide care for others and care for themselves.

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