Nursing2019 Critical Care addresses the information needs of the busy critical care nurse. Straightforward content digests clinical practice breakthroughs and complex research findings, and offers quick-response assessments and interventions that reflect the latest critical care standards. The journal reports news in critical care nursing with the same urgency that nurses use to respond to patients in their fast-paced environment. Wherever nurses care for patients-the ICU, CCU, cath lab, PACU, telemetry, progressive, or transitional care-each bimonthly issue of Nursing2019 Critical Care offers vital information on topics that boost readers' assessment and intervention skills to the next level. The journal offers articles on such hot topics as BIS monitoring outside the ER, coronary reperfusion using drug-eluting stents, recognition and treatment of acute lung injury, and treating severe sepsis. Departments discuss new medications, the latest ACLS guidelines, trends in pediatric care, topics in telemetry, and more.  Features include controlling atrial fibrillation post-cardiac surgery, tight glycemic control in the ICU, recognizing and treating pressure ulcers, and preventing VAP.