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Book 20 in the Synthesis Science in Healthcare book series

This series of concise texts is designed to provide a "toolkit" on synthesizing evidence for healthcare care decision-making and for translating evidence into action in both policy and practice. The series seeks to expand understanding of the basis of evidence-based healthcare and brings together an international group of scholars to describe, discuss, and debate critical issues in the field.

Incredible developments in the synthesis and use of evidence in healthcare over the last several years have occurred, but the accompanying science and emerging practices that underpin evidence-based healthcare are often poorly understood by policy makers and health professionals. This is unfortunate because several emerging and exciting developments have much to offer this group. First, new, deeper understandings of the nature of evidence and of ways to appraise and synthesize it have led to the development of more sophisticated methodologies for synthesis science. Second, the realization that the rapid increase in the availability of high quality evidence has not been matched by increases in the translation of this evidence into policy and/or clinical action has spurred on developments in the science of knowledge implementation and practice improvement.

The burgeoning publications in this area – particularly books on evidence-based healthcare –can go only so far in informing responsible and conscientious policy makers and healthcare practitioners. This new series, Lippincott/Joanna Briggs Institute, “Synthesis Science in Healthcare,” is devoted to communicating these exciting new interventions to both researchers and clinicians who are on the front line of practice or influencing policy.

The books in this series contain step-by-step detailed discussions and practical processes for assessing, pooling, disseminating and using the best available international evidence. In all healthcare systems, there is growing consensus that evidence-based practice offers the most responsible course of action for improving health outcomes. All clinicians and health scientists want to provide the best possible care for patients, families, and communities. In this series, our aim is to close the evidence to action gap and make that possible.

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