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In collaboration with our business partners at Nurses Service Organization (NSO), we at CNA are dedicated to educating nurses about risk. As part of that effort, we have created this report focusing on nurse closed claims over a five-year period. This emphasis is intended to assist nurses in identifying and managing the risk exposures most likely to affect their own practice.

Through the NSO program, CNA continues to be the nation's largest underwriter of professional liability insurance coverage for individual nurses, with more than 600,000 policies in force. CNA/NSO nurses work in a wide and growing array of specialties and locations, including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient and ambulatory care centers, practitioner offices, schools, community and retail health settings, spas and aesthetic/cosmetic centers. We believe that nurses in every type of setting will find this report a valuable educational resource.

Any questions or concerns, please email NursingCenter's Customer Service (CustomerService@NursingCenter.com).