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What's it like to meet your gross anatomy cadaver as a first-year medical student? Do residents, with their tablets and electronic medical records, really still value sitting by the bedside of a patient to talk? What's it like to go from being a doctor to a patient in your hospital? How does courage fit into medicine today?

Ten Years of Teaching and Learning Moments includes brief vignettes that chronicle the first-person experiences of teachers, students, and patients as they learn about the science and the art of medicine. This eBook commemorates the first 10 years of the Teaching and Learning Moments column in the journal Academic Medicine and includes all essays published from 2002–2011, as well as an editorial by former editor-in-chief Steven L. Kanter, MD, and commentaries by leaders in narrative medicine and reflective writing.

Download Ten Years of Teaching and Learning Moments and read about how everyday events touch and shape today's medical students, doctors, and patients. These personal descriptions of unforgettable moments may even teach you a thing or two about what it's really like to work and train in medicine today.

This ebook is only available in e-reader format for download to a device such as an iPad, Nook, or Kindle.