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Physiological condition, Revised Trauma Score, Sensitivity and specificity, Trauma triage



  1. Talbert, Steven PhD


Background: This study evaluated the association between changing physiological status (delta data) with severe injury (SI) or need for trauma center resources (TCR).


Methods: Prehospital and emergency department arrival weighted RTS (RTSw) were computed for patients with complete records entered into the registry from 2002 to 2004 (n = 23,753). Physiological change was classified as unchanged, deteriorated, or improved (PreRTSw vs EDRTSw). Performance of delta data was evaluated using standard epidemiological approaches and multiple logistic regression.


Findings: Deterioration status predicted SI (operating room [OR] = 1.38) and TCR (OR = 2.09). Improved status predicted TCR (OR = 1.27).


Conclusions: Delta data independently predicted both SI and TCR.