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China, Emergency, Nursing, Trauma, Traditional Chinese medicine



  1. Geiger, Juliet MSN, RN
  2. Grandlich, Cheryl MSN, APNP
  3. Wolfe, Deanna BSN, RN, CEN


In October 2008, 39 nurses traveled to China as part of the People to People Citizen Ambassador Program Emergency and Trauma Nursing delegation. The group compared and contrasted emergency and trauma nursing practices in the United States with those in China. Similarities include the methods of nursing education, the focus on patient and family education, and the passion of the nurses for delivering optimal care to their patients. Differences include the Chinese nurse's use of traditional Chinese medicine, the lack of modern technology, and low wages of healthcare personnel. The trip emphasized to the delegation the imperative for all nurses, regardless of their location in the world to reach out to one another to share best practices and their love of nursing.