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  1. Guerrieri, Rose RN, MLIS

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MANY SITES on the Web feature information and illustrations on human anatomy and physiology, free of charge. The following sites offer reviews of major body systems, most at the college or professional level.


Anatomical Model Index



Sponsored by Palomar College in San Marcos, Calif., this site lets you view over 50 anatomy model images.


Anatomy Models



View images of anatomic models organized by body system at this site from San Diego (Calif.) Mesa College.


Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray



This resource gives you complete access to the 1918 illustrated anatomy classic, thoroughly revised with all 1,247 original detailed engravings.


Human Anatomy Online



At this interactive site, you can view detailed anatomy illustrations and animation along with descriptive links.


LUMEN Cross-Section Tutorial



Use this site, offered by the Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN), to view photographic cross sections, magnetic resonance images, and computed tomography scans.





This collection of study aids for entry-level anatomy and physiology students includes self-tests and timed tests, multiplayer games, and a quiz bowl.


National Center for Biotechnology Information Bookshelf



You can search for many textbooks on physiology topics on this site from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.


Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links





These Web pages, from the biology department at Lone Star College in Houston, Tex., provide extensive lists of external links to educational illustrations, movies, and tutorials.


Human Anatomy & Physiology

This site, from the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences, provides free video recordings of lectures on anatomy and physiology.