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  1. Shields, Charles Jr.

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Preparing a Patient for Magnetic Resonance Imaging" (MRI) offered some good information for nurses preparing patients for MRI (Clinical Dos and Don'ts, October 2008).* In addition, nurses should work with the MRI technologist to ensure that:


* the patient and his clothing are free from loose metal objects


* nonessential I.V. pumps are detached and the I.V. site is locked according to facility policy


* essential I.V. pumps are switched with MRI-compatible devices


* sedation or analgesia, if required, is given to the patient an appropriate length of time before the exam begins.



Working collaboratively, the nurse and MRI technologist provide the highest standard of safe and comfortable care for patients undergoing MRI.


Charles Shields, Jr.


Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists Ottawa, Ontario