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  1. Ufema, Joy RN, MS

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Recently, premature twin boys were admitted to our neonatal ICU but died within hours ofhttp://birth.Theirmother's mother was distraught and asked if she was still considered a grandma. Before I could respond, she walked out of the unit.What would you have said?-J.C., CALIF.


I'm sorry that you didn't have the chance to reassure and comfort her. If I were in that situation and had time with her, here's what I'd have said.


"The birth of these babies has bestowed upon you the title of grandmother. Just because their little spirits aren't here with us doesn't mean they aren't your grandsons. I'm sure that many relatives and friends knew about the pregnancy and were looking forward to celebrating the twins' birth. Now they'lllearn of this sorrowful event. Let them comfort you and your daughter throughout this extreme sadness. After all, she's their mother and you are, indeed, their grandma."

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