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Child Health Questionnaire, CHQ, Outcome measures, Pediatric, Quality of life



  1. Schweer, Lynn H. RN, MSN, CNP
  2. Cook, Becky S. RN, MSN, CNP
  3. Bivens, Kim RN, MSN, CNP
  4. Van Kuiken, Debra PhD(c), RN
  5. Garcia, Victor F. MD
  6. Falcone, Richard A. Jr MD


ABSTRACT: This prospective research study evaluated the parent's perception of their child's quality of life at 1 and 6 months following injury, using the Child Health Questionnaire to measure outcomes. At both 1 and 6 months postinjury, the physical summary and psychosocial summary scores were significantly lower than US norms for all levels of injury severity. Predictors of lower physical and psychosocial scores, such as the Injury Severity Score and specific location of injury, were determined. This study demonstrates the long-term impact of injury and validates the need for earlier intervention and anticipatory guidance for the child and family.