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In Gallup's annual ranking of professionals, nurses once again came out on top for honesty and ethics. Of the 1,015 adults surveyed in November, 79% rated the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as "very high" or "high." Since being added to the survey in 1999, nurses have ranked first in every year but 2001, when firefighters rose to the top following the September 11 attacks.


Here are the top 10 rankings for 2004. (Percentages indicate how many respondents rated the professionals "very high" or "high" for honesty and ethical standards.)


1. Nurses, 79%


2. Grade school teachers, 73%


3. Druggists, pharmacists, 72%


4. Military officers, 72%


5. Medical doctors, 67%


6. Police officers, 60%


7. Clergy, 56%


8. Judges, 53%


9. Day care providers, 49%


10. Bankers, 36%