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Curriculum development, forensic nursing, nursing education, trauma-informed care



  1. Burton, Candace W. PhD, RN, AFN-BC, AGN-BC, FNAP


ABSTRACT: The practice of trauma-informed care (TIC) allows nurses in any setting to identify and intervene with traumatized individuals and to create a continuum of care when forensic nursing services are needed. The purpose of this article is to suggest ways to incorporate TIC content into baccalaureate nursing programs. We begin with an overview of baccalaureate nursing curricula and common types of traumatic experience important for students to understand. We then propose specific strategies for inclusion of TIC content in baccalaureate nursing education, using the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. With a solid foundation in TIC, baccalaureate-prepared nursing students can provide effective patient care and better support forensic nursing practice. This will increase the capacity of the nursing profession in general to meet the needs of those affected by trauma, violence, and abuse.