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Cheryl Mee's editorial, "Removing Nurses from the Menu" (June 2004), reminded me of my first mentor. When I began my career in nursing 14 years ago, I was told that I'd occasionally be the charge nurse on the evening shift-even though I'd been working as a nurse for only a few months.


Once I got over the shock, I was paired with a wonderful nurse named Frankie Blish. She helped me to understand the role of charge nurse and to fine-tune my organizational, clinical, and time-management skills. She reinforced what it means to be a professional and a leader. She also established a tradition that I strive to continue: to take care of each nurse I encounter to the best of my ability and to set her up for success.


These days, it's called mentoring or coaching. Back then, I saw it as being taken under the wing of an angel until I could learn to fly on my own. Thank you, Frankie.


-Angela D. Miley, RN,C


San Antonio, Tex.


I'd like to thank editor-in-chief Cheryl Mee for her use of "him" and "his" in her June editorial. I know we men are underrepresented, but seeing that small change in the wording made me feel accepted and valued as a nurse-to-be. Language can make a difference, and I applaud you for speaking to us, minority males, in your journal.


-John Gunser, Nursing Student


Freeport, Ill.


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