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digital storytelling, nursing education, pathophysiology, simulated patient experiences, video



  1. DeLenardo, Samantha MA
  2. Savory, Joanne PhD
  3. Feiner, Frank PhD, MD
  4. Cretu, Madalina
  5. Carnegie, Jacqueline PhD, MEd


Background: Nursing students need to not only understand the pathophysiological basis of disease but also acquire insight into its effects on patients and their families.


Purpose: Digital storytelling was used to engage students in self-directed, online learning, allowing them to identify with patients dealing with disease and its consequences.


Methods: Scripts were written and videos created that simulated patient experiences with select diseases of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems as well as diabetes. Videos plus online self-testing questions were provided to nursing students studying pathophysiology and student outcomes on summative examinations compared before and after introduction of the videos.


Results: Students had improved outcomes on summative examination questions that targeted diseases addressed in the video modules.


Conclusions: Digital storytelling is an effective way to portray illness from a patient perspective, and the addition of this approach to pathophysiology instruction can benefit student learning.