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With the ongoing decline in availability of maternal/newborn clinical sites, the need for creative learning solutions is clear. The purpose of this project was to increase students' knowledge about maternal/newborn nursing. This area of nursing has its own terminology, tests, and procedures. As a result, students often find it difficult to relate obstetrics to previously learned information. Creative classroom teaching tools can be used to assist students in understanding this content. Key terms were incorporated into the course as a classroom activity using beach balls. Beach balls were labeled with maternal/newborn vocabulary words such as those related to newborn reflexes and common newborn skin conditions. A student throws the ball to another student and shouts "right hand" or "left hand": the student who catches the ball needs to define the word that his/her designated hand touches. If the catching student is unable to define the word, other students are allowed to assist by defining the term. The instructor may share theories and broader meanings underlying the words, helping students understand the significance. In this exercise, students learn not only from the instructor but also from one another. This activity was well received by students, and standardized test scores were significantly increased at the end of the semester.