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accreditation, dashboard, nursing program, outcomes, program evaluation



  1. Opsahl, Angela DNP, RN, CPHQ
  2. Horton-Deutsch, Sara PhD, RN, PMHCNS, FAAN, ANEF


Background: Schools of nursing pursue accreditation to convey the quality of their program. Communication of their process for continuous quality improvement and ability to produce competent nurse graduates are common program goals.


Purpose: This article describes the implementation of a nursing dashboard as an innovative approach to examine and communicate program outcomes.


Methods: A comprehensive evaluation document in the form of a dashboard was created in a user-friendly format to monitor and convey outcomes to stakeholders. This visual evaluation document was crafted in congruence with a utilization-oriented evaluation model incorporating accreditation standards.


Results: Stakeholders, including alumni, faculty, and students, conveyed satisfaction with the dashboard graphic of program evaluation data. Participant responses were greater than 4.3/5.0 on a Likert scale, indicating satisfaction with the dashboard communication of outcomes.


Conclusions: The nursing dashboard provides an innovative approach to the review of program outcomes with meaningful data for strategic planning and program decisions.