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audio feedback, community of inquiry, discussion boards, online RN-BSN program, text-only feedback



  1. London, Julie PhD, RN, CNE


Background: Learning management systems are offering more complex technological tools to educators than ever before. One of these tools gaining interest is embedding audio files in discussion boards so the student can hear verbal feedback from the instructor. This study explored the effect of embedding audio feedback in discussion boards with RN-BSN students.


Purpose: The purpose of this research was to examine the instructional methodology of text-only versus audio-only feedback in discussion boards and the subsequent impact on teaching presence and sense of community in the course room.


Methods: A quasi-experimental posttest design with a comparison group was used to examine the impact of using audio-only compared with text-only feedback in discussion boards.


Results: Multiple regression statistics consistently indicated that text-only feedback was preferred by online RN-BSN students in discussion boards over audio-only feedback.


Conclusion: Use of text-only feedback in online course discussion boards increases the perception of teaching presence and sense of community.