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Community Health Education, Disaster Education, Disaster Preparedness, Nursing Program, Social Media



  1. Shannon, Crystal PhD, MBA, RN


Background: Recent events continue to demonstrate the need for effective community-level disaster preparedness. Nurses remain key figures in supporting local response efforts and disaster education for unexpected events.


Problem: Although improved efforts have promoted disaster nursing practice knowledge, nursing education remains challenged in engaging students in disaster management efforts.


Approach: Students collaborated over 4 semesters to assess and deliver a variety of disaster-related interventions to the community.


Outcomes: The multisemester project improved students' understanding of disaster nursing, the nursing program's engagement with community partners, and community members' knowledge and ability for emergency preparedness.


Conclusion: The project was instrumental in improving the community's awareness and engagement of the regional nursing programs in community-based emergency response. The details of the project are provided for replication by other faculty and nursing programs.