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community engagement, nursing education, open educational resources, population health



  1. Nguyen-Truong, Connie Kim Yen PhD, RN
  2. Graves, Janessa M. PhD, MPH
  3. Enslow, Electra MA, AHIP
  4. Williams-Gilbert, Wendy PhD, RN


Background: Open educational resources (OERs) increase access to high-quality academic learning materials and promote affordable education in nursing.


Problem: Integrating OERs into existing nursing courses can be arduous for faculty.


Approach: An academic and community-engaged approach involved faculty, university librarians, and community stakeholders. Community leaders and population health experts helped identify OERs for a population health theory course.


Outcomes: Community stakeholders identified potential OERs, and university librarians assisted faculty in evaluating the OERs for quality.


Conclusions: Findings illustrate the value of faculty engaging with community stakeholders to help identify OERs and with university librarians to evaluate the OERs to ensure that the information presented is relevant and applicable to course objectives.