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  1. Khan, Muhammad Shahzeb MD
  2. Shuaib, Waqas MD
  3. Evans, Dian Dowling PhD, RN
  4. Swain, Freddie Rodriguez MD
  5. Alweis, Richard MD
  6. Mehta, Ajeet Singh MD
  7. Johnson, Jamlik-Omari MD
  8. Khosa, Faisal MD


As musculoskeletal disorders are a common cause of emergency department visits in the United States, it is vital for nurses and nurse practitioners to understand the decision rules for ordering imaging tests when triaging patients with musculoskeletal complaints. Proper knowledge and command of selecting the most appropriate imaging for these frequent emergency department presentations will help reduce costs, decrease ionizing radiation exposure, and increase patient throughput. This article reviews the current evidence-based literature for musculoskeletal imaging in the emergency department and discusses the epidemiology, etiology, management, and prevention of the most common musculoskeletal disorders.