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Use these websites to help prepare yourself, your patients, and your community for emergencies or disasters.


American Red Cross



The American Red Cross website has a page called "Plan and Prepare" that provides information on preparing your home, family, and workplace. Clicking on "Home and Family" directs you to another page with a link to the "Be Red Cross Ready" module. The entire module is interactive and narrated, and includes a create-your-own emergency preparedness kit, how-to videos, and a game called "Prepare 4."


Federal Emergency Management Agency



Ready is a public service advertising campaign that was created in 2003 to help educate and prepare people for natural and man-made emergencies. The website has plenty of information on all types of emergencies, including natural disasters, terrorist hazards, pandemics, and home fires. Each category is broken down into subcategories detailing, for example, what to do before, during, and after a chemical threat or a tornado.





The CDC is a great source for emergency preparedness. The website is broken down into both natural and man-made hazards, from tsunamis to radiation. It also has a section called "Information for Specific Groups," which includes links to additional resources for evacuation centers, response workers, pet shelters, pregnant women, and more.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration



The OSHA website has a "Getting Started" section that outlines preparedness and response for businesses and response workers. OSHA provides Quick Cards(TM), which are condensed fact sheets covering a wide range of emergecncy preparedness topics that anyone can print out and have on hand during an emergency.