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  1. Mazotas, Ioanna G. MD
  2. Hamilton, Nicholas A. MD
  3. McCubbins, Mary A. RN, MSN, CPNP
  4. Keller, Martin S. MD


The purpose of this retrospective review was to determine the long-term consequences of retained bullet foreign bodies in children after gunshot injury. All children managed for gunshot wounds at an urban, level I pediatric trauma center were evaluated, identifying those discharged with retained bullet foreign bodies. Overall, 244 children were treated for gunshot wounds, 107 (44%) had retained foreign bodies, 24 (22%) experienced long-term complications related to retained foreign bodies, and 14 (13%) required removal. Complications occur in a significant subset of pediatric patients with retained bullets. Prophylactic bullet removal appears unnecessary, although close outpatient follow-up is warranted.