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  1. Melton, Thomas Jerome BS
  2. Couillard, Deborah J. BSN
  3. Ferguson, Pamela L. PhD
  4. Power, Stephanie LMSW
  5. Norcross, E. Douglass MD
  6. Fakhry, Samir M. MD


A 3-month internal campaign at our trauma center was conducted to improve employee motor vehicle safety and have employees serve as community role models. The injury-prevention coordinator and trauma program manager developed and implemented a campaign of high-visibility events. Effectiveness was evaluated through pre- and postcampaign surveys and seat belt-use observation and observation at 1 year. Although survey responses did not change, observed seat belt use increased significantly from 79% to 87%, with maintenance at 1 year (89%). No direct causal effect can be proven, but the campaign appears to have increased employee seat belt use.