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  1. Lefebvre, Helene PhD
  2. Levert, Marie Josee PhD


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an important public health concern that presents real challenges for health care systems throughout the world. Through an international partnership between Canadian and French researchers, a vast qualitative study aimed to explore the needs of individuals with TBIs and their loved ones throughout the continuum of care and services. The study was first conducted in 3 regions of Quebec (Canada) and subsequently replicated in 3 regions of France. Overall, the data were collected from focus groups with 150 participants: individuals with TBIs, their loved ones, and health care professionals. Despite regional differences, the results demonstrate participants' very similar perceptions regarding the needs such as information, support, and a collaborative relationship with health care professionals experienced by individuals with TBIs and their loved ones. These needs change throughout the stages of care. The fulfillment of these needs play a determining role throughout the adaptation process of individuals with TBIs and their loved ones. Health care professionals must adopt a personalized approach to respond to needs related to the evolution of information, support, and relationships.