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  1. Harte, Melissa A. MS, RN

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As the year comes to an end, we realize how quickly time passes. Friends and families traditionally gather together and the days are abundant in thankfulness. This time of year allows for opportunities to reflect and reengage in preparation for the New Year.

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Recently, I was entertained and inspired by a conference speaker who told us of her life's accomplishments as well as her sometimes hazardous stepping stones. She encouraged us to take the position of the extraordinary. Her comments stirred my own reflections. I realized that when I assumed the role of president for STN, I had made many assumptions. Knowing the strengths, the history, and the potentials, I knew that I had ventured into the extraordinary. Melinda Case's secretary's message conveys the history and successes of just one of STN's product lines, ATCN. The celebration of many years of education to countless trauma professionals as well as the collaboration with our colleagues at American College of Surgeons speaks to what can be done.


This role has allowed me to greatly appreciate how past challenges offered ample room for improvement. The energy, commitment, and the forthright attitudes of so many volunteers within the membership (whether in leadership positions or not) continue to drive the organization toward further successes. These individuals have been, and are willing to be, critical; honest; and steadfast in the mission of optimal care for the trauma patients. Our future can gain only from the recognition and respect of this dedication.


One of my goals during my presidential tenure is to strive toward ensuring that the mission and vision coupled with the strategic plan continually support the organization, its membership, and ultimately the patients. In the mindset of transparency, the organization leadership chart, the 2012 strategic plan and personnel changes have all been highlighted on the STN Website so that our members are fully informed.


The Board of Directors continually engages in assertive initiatives, and at times, my mental timeline may be overly zealous, but with support and guidance of the Agentis team and the Board of Directors, each aspect of the planning has been carefully executed.


Now to the future ... from the voices of the membership, the leadership team is pleased to announce that the STN has formally engaged in a partnership with the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing, the credentialing entity for the following board certifications: Emergency Nursing; Pediatric Emergency Nursing; Transport Nursing; and Flight Nursing. This partnership will engage in an aggressive timeline to explore the feasibility of offering a trauma nurse certification.


The partnership with Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing will be one of many key initiatives that STN will embark on for 2013-2014. Task forces and committees will continue to complete or work on a number of organizational projects including the following:


* Development of a mentoring program for trauma nursing professionals


* Development of a Leadership Institute to foster leadership growth for trauma professionals


* Completion of the revised e-library



We have stengthened our collegial partnerships with the American College of Surgeons, Eastern Association for Surgery and Trauma, Trauma Centers Association of America, American Trauma Society, Emergency Medical System for Children, and The Hartford Group, to name a few. In the future, these


partnerships will guide us in the development of public policy and position statements. When we consider other partnerships, we will adhere to criteria that mirror the strategic and operational plans.


The leadership and management teams are committed to expanding overall awareness of STN's greatest strengths and supportive services. This will be accomplished via an aggressive marketing plan (more details to follow!)


Please enjoy the holiday season and take a few moments to reach for the extraordinary. We thank you for your dedication to STN and to the care of the trauma patients throughout the world.