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  1. Clemen, Linda J. MS
  2. Heldt, Katherine A. BSN
  3. Jones, Karen RN
  4. Baker, Laura L. MS, ARNP
  5. Pacha, Jennifer MSN
  6. Hurm, Linda RN
  7. Renner, Catherine H. PhD
  8. Tonui, Peter MD


Insertion of prehospital peripheral intravenous (PIV) catheters frequently occurs under suboptimal conditions. Timely replacement of prehospital PIV catheters may minimize the risk of inhospital catheter-related infections. Inconsistent recommendations exist concerning when prehospital PIV catheters should be replaced. The following study assessed compliance with hospital order sets for the discontinuation of prehospital PIV catheters in trauma patients and their associated complications. Results revealed 33.62% compliance with the trauma order set and 66.38% compliance with the hospital order set. Less than 1% of patients exhibited an associated complication. Guidelines for replacement of prehospital PIV catheters should focus less on time since insertion and more on patient factors.