One of the top journals for professional nurses, Nursing2019 is tailored for those who care for patients in various settings: hospitals, patient homes, long-term care facilities, and outpatient clinics to name a few. Every month, it offers a range of compelling clinical and nonclinical articles presented in a readable, no-nonsense style. Featured topics reflect what nurses need to know to stay current: the latest information on core clinical topics (such as cardiac and respiratory care, drug updates, new treatments and nursing techniques), legal and ethical issues, and professional trends. Ample use of illustrations, charts, and other graphics clarify complex clinical concepts. Slice-of-life narratives written by real nurses about their most memorable professional experiences remain a hallmark of Nursing2019. The comprehensive department lineup also reflects Nursing2019's commitment to balancing clinical, professional, and human-interest topics--for example, regular departments include Medication Errors, Advice p.r.n., Ethical Problems, Legal Questions, Clinical Dos and Don'ts, Sharing, and Tips and Timesavers. Every issue of Nursing2019 is a complete package addressing the range of skills and knowledge that today's busy professional nurse needs to give excellent patient care.

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