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A PATIENT WITH lung cancer will be looking for practical advice and psychological support, so let him know about these online resources. You can use these sites to download patient-education handouts to help him and his family learn more about lung cancer and how they can improve the patient's quality of life.


American Lung Association



This site provides comprehensive information about lung cancer, from symptoms and risk factors to diagnosis and treatment. It also offers stories of people living with lung cancer and information on how to become an advocate for lung health. Visitors to the site can register for a free e-newsletter and submit questions to the Lung HelpLine.


Lung Cancer Alliance



This site is dedicated to supporting people with lung cancer. Providing a community for lung cancer survivors, it offers a large database of stories and photos of people living with the disease. Visitors will find a comprehensive list of lung cancer resources and suggestions for questions to ask healthcare providers about the disease. It also offers a list of the tests patients with lung cancer may need and current treatment options.


Lung Cancer Online



Sponsored by the Lung Cancer Online Foundation, this site provides the latest information about lung cancer, links to other Web sites and support organizations, and a list of treatment options. It also offers information on researching medical information on the Web and advice on how to improve quality of life.





Providing professional support services to people with lung cancer, this site offers counseling, education, financial assistance, and practical help. All of these services are provided by oncology social workers and are free. The site also offers visitors the option to join online support groups and telephone education workshop podcasts.


National Cancer Institute



The National Cancer Institute Web site offers up-to-date information on the treatment, prevention, and causes of lung cancer and the latest methods of lung cancer detection. It also provides news on clinical trials, research, and statistics. Visitors to the site can download a free booklet, What You Need to Know about Lung Cancer.


National Lung Cancer Partnership



Put together by a group of leading clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, and lung cancer survivors, this site provides advice and information about living with lung cancer. Newly diagnosed patients can download a booklet to learn more about their diagnosis and treatment options and watch a free video chronicling lung cancer patients' experiences with clinical trials.