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Your guest editorial, "Each One Reach One Nurse" (May 2009),* prompted me to write. The author encourages nurses to help ease the nursing shortage by recruiting or helping to retain one nurse each. I can do one better than that: I gave birth to one who's following in my footsteps. My daughter became an LPN last year and is now in nursing school to become an RN.

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As a single parent, I worked days, nights, weekends, and holidays while my daughter was growing up. I missed many a recital or gymnastics routine. She also heard me vent about frustrating things that happened at work. I truly thought she'd never want to be a nurse, but somehow the good things she heard must have outweighed the bad.


I've done my part by reaching one for the next generation of nurses. And I'm glad that when I stood up to support future nurses, I'll have helped my daughter as well.




Macon, Ga.


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