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mentoring, mentor-protegee teams, registered nurse leadership



  1. O'Keefe, Trish MSN, RN, CNA
  2. Forrester, David Anthony (Tony) PhD, RN, ANEF


Aim: This article describes the successful implementation of An Online Mentoring Program for Nurses at a Magnet-designated acute care medical center, Morristown Memorial Hospital (MMH/Atlantic Health).


Background: A comprehensive approach to incorporating mentor-protegee teams into professional nurse role development has been demonstrated to (1) improve nurse employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment outcomes; (2) change the ways nurses and others perceive nurses; (3) augment support by managers and coworkers; and (4) improve patient care outcomes.


Evaluation: Nurses are partnered in mentor-protegee relationships and continually engage one another by evaluating the protegee's unique contributions and identifying specific strategic actions to move the protegee toward accomplishing their professional objectives.


Key Issues: Building an online mentor-protegee collaboration: (1) maximizing potential, (2) identifying the protegee's unique contributions, and (3) strategic planning.


Conclusions: The online mentoring process is a success and has delivered measurable results that have benefited the nurse participants and contributed to our institution's culture of nursing engagement.


Implications for Nursing Management: The online mentoring process has potential to benefit nurses and their organizations by (1) providing real-time communication, (2) facilitating strategic thinking, (3) monitoring progress, (4) "going green," and (5) improving organizational knowledge.