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diversity, job satisfaction, multiculturalism, nursing, nursing retention



  1. Beheri, Wadea H. PhD


Little research has focused on understanding interpersonal dynamics within a diverse nursing staff. This study investigated the impact of diversity on the interaction level among staff nurses, job satisfaction, nursing turnover, and the multicultural sensitivity of a diverse nursing staff in metropolitan Washington, DC. Data were collected from 194 registered nurses with 2 standardized instruments--the Workforce Diversity Questionnaire-II by Larkey and the Multicultural Sensitivity Scale Questionnaire by Jibaja-Rusth and others. One-way analyses of variance and correlation coefficient were used for data analysis. The findings showed that nurses who were satisfied with their current job were more likely to value differences and build trusting relationships. Nurses with higher educational levels appeared to be more open and involved with other cultural groups and were more likely to build more trusting relationships with other cultural groups. Multicultural sensitivity was related to cultural group inclusion/exclusion, valuing differences, and adaptation; however, multicultural sensitivity and trust were not related. Delivery of cost-effective, quality nursing care in the 21st century demands that the positive potential of cultural diversity in the nursing workforce be more fully understood through research such as this. More research on diversity is needed during these challenging times for the nursing profession.