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A PATIENT WITH HIV/AIDS will be looking for practical advice and psychological support, so let him know about these online resources. You can use these sites to download fact sheets to help him and his family learn more about HIV/AIDS.


AIDS Education Global information System (AEGiS)



This site provides access to a variety of information, including a daily news update, an HIV/AIDS encyclopedia, conference information, and links to external sites. Visitors can also participate in conferences via e-mail and download fact sheets.





Calling itself a "gateway to federal domestic HIV/AIDS information and resources," this site sponsored by the U.S. government provides visitors with basic information about the disease, a database of frequently asked questions, podcasts, and an HIV Test Site lookup. Fact sheets and brochures are also available for download.





The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services runs this site, which offers information about HIV/AIDS. Visitors can access fact sheets, a searchable drug database of FDA-approved drugs, and subscribe to a listserv to receive updates and news about research and treatments.





Calling itself the world's most popular AIDS information site, this U.K.-based site offers HIV/AIDS education materials, world news about HIV/AIDS, statistics, and prevention information. Visitors can also access videos, slide shows, and quizzes and share their stories with other HIV/AIDS patients throughout the world.


The Body



A service of Body Health Resources Corporation, this site has an Ask the Experts forum, podcasts, blogs, an online bulletin board, a What's New section, and an All Topics link that contains more than 600 topics relating to HIV/AIDS. The site is available in both English and Spanish.





This site provides information in various formats, including slide shows, videos, printed materials, and podcasts. Visitors can access an A to Z index of topics, testing resources, treatment programs, statistics, and research information. Fact sheets and brochures are available for download.


World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS



This comprehensive site offers links to information on a wide range of topics relating to HIV/AIDS, including prevention, new therapies, and worldwide statistics. Publications are available for download or purchase.