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These sites offer a wide variety of materials. Here's just a sampling.


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American Heart Association






* Cardiovascular conditions-How can I live with heart failure; How will I recover from my heart attack; What are the warning signs of stroke; What are the warning signs of heart attack; What is congestive heart failure; What is peripheral vascular disease


* Treatments and tests-How can I prepare for heart surgery; How can I recover from heart surgery; What is cardiac rehabilitation; What is cholesterol-lowering medicine; What is coronary bypass surgery; What is heart valve surgery; What is an implantable defibrillator; What is a pacemaker


* Lifestyle and risk reduction-How can I quit smoking; How can I lower high cholesterol; What do my cholesterol levels mean; How can I reduce high blood pressure


* Diet and nutrition-How can I cook healthfully; How do I follow a healthy diet; How do I read food labels


* Physical activity and weight management-Why should I be physically active; Why should I lose weight


* Caregivers-How should I care for myself, as a caregiver; What are the caregiver's rights; What is caregiver burnout



American Society of Anesthesiologists




Topics: Anesthesia for ambulatory surgery; Know your anesthesiologist; The management of pain; Sleep apnea; What you should know about herbal use and anesthesia; When your child needs anesthesia


The Children's Heart Institute






Congenital heart defects; The Heart House-a simplified illustration of the heart's structure and inner-workings; How the heart works, The heart from A to Z- explaining the heart to a child; Heart murmurs; Mitral valve prolapse


Cove Point Foundation (Helen B. Taussig Children's Heart Center, The Johns Hopkins University)






* Anatomy and anomalies-Aortic stenosis; Atrial septal defect; Coarctation of the aorta; Coronary artery fistula; Electrophysiology; Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Infective endocarditis; Mitral stenosis; Mitral valve prolapse; Myocarditis; Pulmonary stenosis; Ventricular septal defect


* Tests and procedures-Chest radiograph; Echocardiogram; Electrocardiogram; Holter monitor; Lipid testing


* Nutrition and health issues-Calcium and phosphorus; Nutrition for children with congenital heart disease (CHD); Obesity; Potassium; Weight management and blood lipids


* Adult congenital heart disease-Exercise and training and adult CHD; Overview of adult CHD; Overview of arrhythmias and adult CHD; Pregnancy and adult CHD



Duke Heart Center


http://dukeheartcenter.org (click "Patient Education")




* Conditions-Abdominal aortic aneurysm; Acute myocardial infarction; Aortic valve disease; Congenital heart disease; Congestive heart failure; Hypertension; Lipid disorders; Pulmonary embolism; Pulmonary hypertension; Renal artery disease; Ventricular arrhythmias


* Tests-Arrhythmia monitoring; Cardiac catheterization and angiography; ECG stress testing; Magnetic resonance imaging; Nuclear stress testing


* Treatments-Angioplasty/Stenting; Antiarrhythmic therapy; Cardiac defibrillator implantation; Cardiac transplantation; Coronary artery bypass graft surgery; Pacemaker implantation; Valvular surgery


* Risk factors-Controlling diabetes; Eating to lower high blood pressure; Eating to lower high cholesterol; Exercise; Losing weight; Quitting smoking; Women's heart care



MedlinePlus: Interactive Health Tutorials






* Diseases and conditions-Angina; Atrial fibrillation


* Surgery and treatment procedures-Aorto-bifemoral bypass; Cardiac rehabilitation; Heart valve replacement; Open heart surgery-what to expect


* Prevention and wellness-Exercising for a healthy heart



Medscape Patient Education Center






* Acute myocardial infarction-Treating heart disease: Angioplasty and stents; Understanding heart attack


* Atrial fibrillation-Treating abnormal heart rhythms: Heart disease medicines (Antiarrhythmics, aspirin, digoxin); Warfarin and other blood thinners.


* Heart failure-Dilated cardiomyopathy; Heart disease medicines (ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, digoxin, diuretics, vasodilators); Hypertropic cardiomyopathy; Restrictive cardiomyopathy; Treating severe heart failure; Your guide to heart failure


* Heart transplantation







Topics: Abdominal aneurysm; Angiogram; Angioplasty; Atrial fibrillation; Blood pressure; Congenital heart disease; Congestive heart failure; Heart bypass surgery; Heart-lung machine; How the heart works; How the valves work; Hyperlipidemia; Ventricular tachycardia






Topics: Angina; Angioplasty; Bypass surgery; Cardiac catheterization; Heart attack symptoms and warning signs; Questions for your heart doctor; Tips for a successful doctor's visit; When you need to have a stress test


Society for Vascular Ultrasound




Topics: Cerebrovascular disease; Vascular testing and you


Texas Heart Institute




Topics: Anatomy-heart and circulatory system; Diagnostic tests and procedures; Glossary of cardiovascular terms; Heart conditions; Heart surgery overview; Medicines for cardiovascular disease; What is a clinical trial.