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Test your expertise with this quick quiz.




1. What's themost commonreason patients undergo hip or knee replacement surgery?


a. osteoarthritis


b. rheumatoid arthritis


c. bone tumor


d. avascular necrosis



2. Approximately how many Americans have chronic headaches?


a. fewer than 10 million


b. 25 million


c. 35 million


d. more than 45 million



3. What percentage of American adults have a diagnosable mental illness in any given year?


a. 22%


b. 33%


c. 55%


d. 65%



4. How many years have researchers been working to develop a cancer vaccine?


a. 10


b. 20


c. 50


d. more than 100



5. Psoriasismost commonlystrikes between ages


a. 6 and 14.


b. 15 and 35.


c. 36 and 55.


d. 56 and 70.



6. What percentage of people over age 85 have Alzheimer's disease?


a. 2%


b. 24%


c. nearly 50%


d. almost 100%



7. How much does the normal adult brain weigh?


a. 1 pound


b. 2 pounds


c. 3 pounds


d. 4 pounds



8. What's the leading cancer in men?


a. lung


b. prostate


c. skin


d. colorectal



9. What's the leading cancer in women?


a. skin


b. lung


c. breast


d. colorectal



10. In what year was smallpox declared eradicated globally?


a. 1960


b. 1970


c. 1980


d. 1990



11. In some women, migraine is strongly linked to


a. increasing progesterone levels.


b. falling estrogen levels.


c. breast implants.


d. osteoporosis.


e. fibromyalgia.



12. Which of the following groups shouldn't be treated with a fentanyl skin patch to manage pain?


a. children younger than age 2


b. patients with cancer


c. patients with short-term pain


d. a and b


e. a and c



13. Which of the following statements is false?


a. Fungal nails usually clear up without treatment.


b. Fungal nails can cause discoloration.


c. Discolored nails may indicate that fungus is present.


d. Antifungal medicine may cause headaches.



14. How many bones are in the human foot?


a. 15


b. 26


c. 36


d. 42


e. 52



15. Certain amounts of gluten in foods can cause a serious reaction in people who have


a. celiac disease.


b. epilepsy.


c. diabetes.


d. ulcers.


e. inflammatory bowel disease.



16. Which sensation typically describes restless legs syndrome?


a. burning


b. tugging


c. tightening


d. a feeling of insects crawling inside the legs


e. all of the above

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