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  1. Pagella, Patrick
  2. Cipolle, Mark
  3. Sacco, Eileen
  4. Matula, Pat
  5. Karoly, Elizabeth
  6. Bokovoy, Joanna


PURPOSE: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) incidence can be substantially reduced with prophylaxis, which includes pneumatic compression device (PCD) use.


METHODS: To determine whether patient comfort and satisfaction correlated to compliance in wearing PCDs, patients were randomly assigned to either of two effective calf-high PCDs. Education and handouts were provided to both groups. Patients were given a survey rating their comfort, satisfaction, and compliance. At the conclusion of the study, healthcare providers completed a questionnaire comparing both PCDs.


RESULTS: A total of 65 patients participated. The main significant differences between groups were seen in the patient perceptions questionnaire for two items: "the device was hot" (p = .014) and "device made my legs sweat" (p = .029). The PCD that provided more comfort and satisfaction was worn for a greater amount of time, 85% vs. 81%, respectively.


CONCLUSIONS: Results suggest that patients are more compliant with a PCD that promotes patient comfort when worn.