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What's black and blue and on duty 24/7? Two robots now in use in the neurologic intensive care unit at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Tex. Through wireless robotic technology, these robots help physicians and other caregivers in remote locations provide around-the-clock care. Using a laptop and joystick, an off-site physician can maneuver a robot to the bedside, review the patient's chart, and speak directly with the patient and nurses via a wide-screen, two-way TV monitor. Equipped with infrared sensors to help with navigation, the robots are nearly 6 feet (180 cm) tall and can travel as fast as 2 miles/hour.


Made by California-based InTouch Health, the robots help clinicians respond to changes in the patient's condition at a moment's notice. This capacity is especially valuable during the night shift, when a physician may not be on-site. For more information, visit the Methodist Neurological Institute Web site at http://www.methodistneuroinstitute.com and click on "In the News."

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