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  1. Mock, Melinda S. RN, ONC, CLCP

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A foundation is a nonprofit corporation whose principle purpose is to provide grants to organizations or institutions or to individuals for scientific, educational, cultural, religious, or other charitable purposes. This broad definition entails two foundation types: private and public. The most common distinguishing characteristic of a private foundation is that most of its funds come from one source, whether an individual, a family, or a corporation. By contrast, a public foundation normally receives its assets from multiple sources, which may include other foundations, individuals, and government agencies. In order for contributions to be tax deductible, a foundation must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization and granted the 501(c)(3) designation.


The NAON Foundation's mission is to support the goals and mission of NAON by providing funding for grants and scholarships to advance orthopaedic nursing practice, education, research and leadership activities. We are a public foundation whose Board of Trustees is charged with seeking funds from various sources and thereby has received the 501(c)(3) designation, making all contributions tax deductible.


As our population ages, musculoskeletal injuries, disease, and the wear and tear of everyday living take a toll on our bones and joints. Ever-changing technology and the nursing shortage make resources for the advancement of orthopaedic patient care and orthopaedic nursing practice imperative. To meet this need, the NAON Foundation provides scholarships to prepare orthopaedic nurses for the changes in both nursing practice and patient care. Research grants provide support to NAON members who are preparing to conduct research on orthopaedic nursing issues, such as new treatments and therapies in orthopaedic care.


During strategic planning, the foundation trustees identified new initiatives to advance our mission, including seeking funding for academic scholarships (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral degrees), conference scholarships (NAON and AAOS annual meetings), international scholarships and a leadership development scholarship, and funding for research. Additional programs are in the planning phase. To accomplish these goals, financial support from orthopaedic industry, other corporations, foundations, individuals and you, the NAON member is required. Your financial support not only assists in the funding of the described initiatives but also demonstrates to outside resources your support of the Foundation's mission, which is necessary for their commitment.


The foundation's theme is "Building the Future of Orthopaedic Nursing." Won't you help us build by making an individual contribution of $10 or more annually and encouraging your chapter to make a contribution? The simplest method of making a contribution is by indicating the amount on the NAON membership renewal invoice, which will be arriving at your doorstep shortly. Perhaps you would like to set up a giving plan whereby your credit card is automatically charged a designated amount on a monthly or quarterly basis, which can be arranged easily. Why wait? While the NAON Foundation is on your mind, write a check now or go to our website at http://naonfoundation.org and click "How To Give" to download the form to charge by credit card. At this same web location there is information on other methods of giving for your financial planning consideration.


Chapters can participate in the "Chapter Challenge" event, which ends December 1, 2006. Why not include the foundation in your Orthopaedic Nurses Day celebration by having a silent auction? Simply "passing the hat" at meetings for attendees to drop their change in the hat is a great way of supporting the foundation, and you'll be surprised how fast the change grows into a sizeable contribution!! For further information on methods for making contributions or about the foundation, any of the Trustees can be contacted through our website.


If every NAON member made a donation, many of the Foundation's goals could be accomplished. You might very well be a recipient of one of the scholarships!!


Melinda S. Mock, RN, ONC, CLCP


President, NAON Foundation