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  1. Prouty, Anne
  2. Cooper, Maureen
  3. Thomas, Patricia
  4. Christensen, Judy
  5. Strong, Cheryl
  6. Bowie, Lori
  7. Oermann, Marilyn H.


The purpose of this article is to describe a preadmission, preoperative educational program offered free of charge for patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery at a large teaching hospital located in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. In establishing the preoperative educational program, a multidis ciplinary approach was used to provide a comprehensive learning environment for patients and their families. To evaluate the effectiveness of the program, patients completed surveys at the end of each class. Patients reported that their expectations of the program were met, they were less anxious about their surgery as a result of attending the classes, and the preoperative teaching by the multidisciplinary team was effective. Having a live session that offered an opportunity to ask individual and specific questions to each healthcare professional with immediate feedback proved to be a positive experience for patients. Patients' comments supported the multidisciplinary team's impression that real-time, interactive teaching was highly valued by patients and their caregivers.