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bedside shift-to-shift report, keeping patients informed, patient-centered care model, patient participation, nurse shift report



  1. Anderson, Cherri D. MBA, RN, C
  2. Mangino, Ruthie R. MSN, APRN-BC


Bedside nurse shift report is a process where nurses provide shift-to-shift report at the patient's bedside so the patient can be more involved in his or her care. There are many benefits of bedside report, including relationship building between staff members and increased patient satisfaction, to both the patient and to the healthcare team. Concerns about the traditional methods of communication between the various shifts helped drive a nursing unit's decision to move to a more patient-involved model of shift-to-shift report. The change from the traditional taped report between healthcare providers to bedside reporting focused on patients wanting more involvement in their care, activities, and current status. Patients also wanted updates about their health status, their medical plan as well as information about their progress toward their goals. This, coupled with Banner Desert Medical Center's Care Model, embraces patient-centered care, King's Theory of Goal Attainment, and keeps the patient informed. The current nursing shift report did not meet the medical center's model of care on any of these aspects. This article will include information on the benefits of bedside nurse shift-to-shift report, how one unit implemented bedside reporting, and some of the outcomes achieved after implementing this change at a 600-bed urban medical center.