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As an RN who worked in the same facility for 25 years, I was interested in your article about abusive behavior among nurses ("Nurse against Nurse: How to Stop Horizontal Violence," March 2005). I worked as a staff nurse, supervisor, and administrator and encountered these problems in all the positions I held.


Now retired and living abroad, I volunteer at a facility for disabled people. I'm happy to say that my fellow nurse and I have none of these issues. We share information and discuss culturally different approaches to patient care. Most important, we respect and trust each other, and I believe the clients benefit.


When I was ill myself, my colleague was there to support me. When I thanked him, he said, "We are nurses. We help all people."


He proved to me that the solution to horizontal violence is simple: provide the same care and respect to each other that we give to our patients.




Sao Miguel, Portugal