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HEARING "GREAT JOB" from the almost 1,300 nurses at the Nursing2004 Symposium in Las Vegas last year just whetted our appetite for an even better show this year. Why not join us in New Orleans (March 19 to 22) for the Nursing2005 Symposium? We've got a lot cooking.


Our recipe calls for a heaping portion of clinical information to improve your everyday practice, plus more than a dash of hands-on techniques to use at the bedside. Pepper with legal topics, assertiveness techniques, professional portfolio development, humor, team building, safety, suicide prevention, and more. Finally, mix in a healthy dose of nurses from across the country and around the world, and shake well.


All 4 days are packed with outstanding seminars led by nurses who star in their fields of expertise. Consider this sampler from the 2005 symposium menu.


Appetizers. Preconference courses include a 1-day med-surg certification prep course endorsed by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. Get clinical information that's likely to appear on the exam plus practice questions and test-taking tips. Another all-day workshop given by members of the Infusion Nurses Society serves up what's hot in I.V. therapy. Half-day preconference workshops cover wound care, information technology, ECGs, lab tests, and arrhythmia analysis.


Main offerings. Along with core clinical topics such as managing myocardial infarction and pain, you'll get second helpings of topics that won raves last year:


Vasoactive medications. Clear up the confusion about dopamine versus dobutamine, amiodarone versus lidocaine versus procainamide, and glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors. Learn about the actions, adverse effects, and potential interactions associated with vasoactive drugs.


Bariatric surgery. Through case studies, you'll learn how surgery and other current treatment options are improving the quality of life for obese patients. Besides weighing the health consequences of obesity, you'll explore how bias and other barriers affect health care for obese patients.


Catheter lumen occlusion. Improve your understanding of why central venous catheters become occluded and learn more about interventions that can prevent problems.


Juggling priorities. Is trying to balance your heavy workload with your personal life getting you down? You'll find practical advice that will help you get a life.


Name that wound. Here's your chance to consult with nationally recognized experts about the wound types you're likely to encounter in everyday practice-how they develop, how to prevent them, and how to document them.


Dessert. For inspiration, listen to the story of an airline hijack hostage who survived horrific injuries and saw fellow passengers murdered. Now she speaks about how the experience changed her life. You won't soon forget the insights she shares.


Get your fill of learning, fun, and inspiration to nourish your nurse's soul. The entire symposium brochure with registration information is posted at http://www.nursingsymposium.com.




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