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NAON Educational Activities

May 21-25, 2005. Phoenix, AZ. NAON 2005 Annual Congress. Contact: naon@smithbucklin.com.


May 20-24, 2006. Boston, MA. NAON 2006 Annual Congress. Contact: naon@smithbucklin.com.


NAON Chapter Educational Activities

October 2, 2004. Cocoa Beach, FL. Central Florida Chapter. Orthopaedic Liftoff: Meeting the Challenge. Contact: Laura Cornett, 321-636-5444 or redwood625@cfl.rr.com.


October 29, 2004. St. Louis, MO. St. Louis Chapter. Orthopaedic Festival of Learning. Contact: Ann Bruemmer at 314-569-6774 or bruem@stlo.mercy.net.


November 11-12, 2004. Minneapolis, MN. Twin Cities Chapter of NAON and Hennepin County Medical Center. 24th Annual Orthopaedic Nursing: New Concepts and Challenges. Contact: Mary Wollan, 612-873-2569 or mary.k.wollan@co.hennepin.mn.us.


Regional Continuing Education

November 5, 2004. Akron, OH. Akron's Children's Hospital. 6th Annual Ohio Pediatric Trauma Symposium. Contact: Christine Ternosky at 330-543-3271 or cternosky@chmca.org.