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  1. Larroude, Bettina MS, CCC-SLP


Group therapy with multilingual, multicultural populations is a challenging and unexplored area that is beginning to be addressed because of the growing population of multilingual, multicultural children. In this article, the importance of working with children from different cultural backgrounds, and current research on bilingualism are reviewed. Along with that information, a program that was created to work with Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English preschool and kindergarten age children is presented. This program focused primarily on the process for developing a thematic bilingual language-based curriculum for young children who exhibit a communicative disorder. Group therapy was targeted as part of the holistic approach that consisted of working on sentence structure activities, and communication boards that could be used both in individual or group sessions. Parent involvement was made possible with weekly homework letters and games. This curriculum will expand on a method of collaboration between a special education teacher and a speech-language pathologist for the development of communication skills in young children. The language group was conducted within a naturalistic context and/or the classroom environment.