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  1. Shaffer, Franklin A. EdD, RN, FAAN, FFNMRCSI
  2. Preziosi, Peter PhD, RN, CAE


Digital health, defined as "the cultural transformation of how disruptive technologies that provide digital and objective data accessible to both caregivers and patients leads to an equal level clinician-patient relationship with shared decision-making and the democratization of care," will create a cultural transformation of traditional health care.1 Exponential advances in science and technology have-and continue to-transform health and medicine, as they give consumers more control over, and more responsibility for, their own health. Digital health is on the precipice of a major breakthrough to disrupt the traditional models of health care delivery. Health professionals, regardless of what part of the health care industry they serve, must embrace this disruption wholeheartedly in practice, education, and regulation. Health technology is more important than ever and will have deep impacts on culture, politics, and society.