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addictions nurse, addictions nursing, global development, International Nurses Society on Addictions, IntNSA, strategic plan



  1. Clancy, Carmel PhD, RGN, RMN, BSc (Hons), PGCertHE, FPH, ICAPIII
  2. Fornili, Katherine DNP, MPH, RN, CARN, FIAAN


Abstract: The International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA) believes that nurses are key to improving the well-being of individuals affected by substance use, including their families and friends and the society within which they live. It is essential that nurses are able to effectively influence change at local, organizational, systems, national, regional, and international levels.


Historically, IntNSA has drawn its membership from within the United States, reflective of its origins as a national organization. In recognition of the potential for a wider international impact, members voted to formally expand its membership and status to international in 2000. In 2014, members elected its first international member to the Board, and the Board established an International Development Task Force.


In 2015, the IntNSA Board outlined its plan for increasing opportunities for nurses around the world to collaborate to change and shape responses to addictions at all levels. In 2019, IntNSA's Board reviewed its progress, updated its plan, and developed consensus for further actions to be undertaken.


This Policy Watch column provides a transparent overview of IntNSA's plans for global development and an update on its current progress. Its aim is to keep current and potential IntNSA members, our agency partners and interdisciplinary colleagues, and nurses in all specialties, including addictions nurses, informed about this important work. These strategies will ensure that IntNSA will achieve its stated vision "to be a global leader in addictions nursing" and accomplish its mission "to advance excellence in addictions nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development" (http://www.intnsa.org).